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for flute, soprano, violoncello and dancing sign soloist

Various circumstances are described in which it is precisely the not-everything-showing or disguising that brings out the beauty of things in a special way. "Veiling" is music for the deaf and the hearing, which takes place both visually and acoustically in penumbra.


This piece was commissioned by and developed in collaboration with the ensemble in transition.


interactive sound installation

The original function of the radio as a recipient and transmitter of content has long been largely replaced by other media. Nevertheless, the device has an important meaning for me as a composer and for electronic music as a whole. Perhaps to be understood as an homage to the radio, completely new functions are to be assigned to it: As a generator for random sound synthesis and at the same time as a controller, it is given a new task in a playful way. The radio becomes an instrument by touching it and the audience becomes either a sound researcher or a composer. The installation was created as one of four works on the open day of the Atelier Frankfurt (Open Studios 21) to get an insight into our compositional work in the studio.


for two percussionists, light and live electronics

This piece is, on the one hand, the direct translation of a self-designed wallpaper pattern into music and, on the other hand, a translation / shifting - a symmetry element of the Wallpaper Group from mathematics. What is translated is a mosaic-like two-dimensional structure that is mapped onto itself through horizontal displacement. Only the (sound-)color/timbre changes during this process. This gives the static pattern a temporal component. This piece was created in close collaboration with the performer Fabrice Kuhmann. We both played a key role in both the composing process and the implementation.

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